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Thread: A more attractive site!?

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    A more attractive site!?

    OK just a question and I know it is spdude's call but please post your thoughts of agreement or dissonance. Originally AO was meant as a "Discussion Forum" thus the Gallery was only an add-in for the community.

    Since there are many parts of AO (a wide ranging gallery section for all kinds of wallpapers, sigs, pictures, etc... a forum section for Graphics/Wallpaper/Web Design that includes a thread for sig requests and a thread for image extracts), that are designed for the graphic part of our community can we make AO more friendly towards the graphic community?

    There was a thread about a lack of wallers here at AO most of which is due to frankly our un-friendliness to new graphic designers and lack of "incentive" as Juice explains:

    Quote Originally Posted by Juice
    We need to as a community give the wallers the appreciation the deserve, more comments and feedback for all the beautiful walls will give people more incentive to share their walls with us.

    I know part of this lies with the regular members of the community commenting more on the wallpapers, sigs etc... but the site could do more as well. Like what if we add in a feature of the week/month and put it on maybe the main page? Something that maybe a staffer or senior member of the site could pick an artist/work and showcase them. Give an in-depth review of their work and what makes them an asset to the site.

    Also there was a new request for an image extraction but I don't think that any of the members of the "extraction crew" are even still at this site so can the site replace them?

    I know there was a thread about making the gallery available to members with less posts but my idea is much different. Maybe we could have a special “group” like the senior members that wallers could be assigned to so they could have “in the door” access to the part of the site that would have the most interest to them? Maybe they would have to submit at least 3 “real” pieces of their work (NO DESKTOP SCREEN SHOTS, why do we have that anyway?) and after approval they get in?

    Just some ideas if they are crap then they are crap, maybe others have more ideas that could grow the site in that area? (Please don’t turn this into “lower the post count limit” thread, post actual good ideas) I say this because this is our community so why should we try and make it better, which is what I am trying to do here!

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    Re: A more attractive site!?

    lets let spdude review maybe he'll add the top new submissions to the fron of the homepage again and the top contest wallpaper winner to the front page again.
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