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Thread: Mozilla Firefox Critical Update!!!

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    Mozilla Firefox Critical Update!!!

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    Mozilla Firefox 1.0.2 was just posted today, with several bugfixes, at least one of which is rated Critical...

    If you have Firefox 1.0.1 installed, then the Software update feature will download and install the newer version. If you have Firefox 1.0 or earlier, you will need to download the new setup/installation program, and manually uninstall the older version before running the newer install program...

    Mozilla Firefox product page...

    Related CNet news article...
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    for those of you that are using Fire Fox a red arrow will show up beside the Active window(loading thing) in the menu bar

    Click and it will automaticly update. If you have any extentions installed for your Firefox some will need to be upgraded you will find this same icon in the menu bar after running the installer of the 1.0.2 Click it and it will update any extentions you have.

    The ones I have had are Google notifer and edit CSS


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