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Thread: my new years resolution.

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    Hmmm....thats a tuff one.
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    my new years resolution.

    ok you might think this has nothing to do with anime, but it has every thing to do with it. ok i am an anime freek, but i used to LOVE normel book. i could write asome storries, but then i was taken by the anime of the world. one day when i was doing a storry i just couldnt get into it, and i have found the problem. it is anime and manga, it is poluting my brane and i cant do anything but think or read about anime. then i came here, though i love this place dearly i must do to rehabe. anime and manga is asome but there is more to life, and i wont to find it a gene....but i cant stay away from this place. it is so cool.....

    dose any one have the same problem? i nead suport. T.T

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    I don't quite get what a re you telling, but the small part of the post I understand clearly belongs more to the journals... Closing...


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