Walking in the night;
Searching for prey.
Happy they don’t give a fight.
Hate for the light of day.
Eternal Undead Life…

Darkness being my only friend;
Greeting it with open arms.
My heart that will never mend;
No reward for my charms.
Eternal Undead Life…

Waiting for my life to end;
Knowing it never will.
Eternal life I may lend;
Drinking until my fill.
Eternal Undead Life…

Tremendous power under my control;
To call upon whenever needed.
Guns won’t kill me, you fool!
That is, if I’m well feeded.
Eternal Undead Life…

Love I may never know;
My heart forever broken.
This curse trust upon me by my foe;
After being bitten, I was weakened.
Eternal Undead Life…

i hope you guys like it...