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Thread: my webmanga

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    Are going to read it with your voice but change your voice with characters?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueTigerFour
    OK, totally experimental here, but what do you think...

    I was trying to think of something original for my site, and i came up with:

    Online Manga + Sound effects = increased amusment?

    Sound is really quiet right now, so you'll have to crank it up, but i'm working on it. Let me know what you think about it. As far as i know, nobody else has done this, so I don't know people's opinions on the idea.

    And i was sure to make the sound USER ACTIVATED, so don't worry, viewers won't be bombarded by annoying sounds against their will ^_~


    i dont no maybe it would work
    i think i would like it if u did it well

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