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Thread: My Worst Nightmare... A Lost Love

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    My Worst Nightmare... A Lost Love

    (Sorry, but this one is kinda long....)

    I climb out,
    from a mountain of white daisies,
    as far as the eyes can see.
    petals float in the air,
    The tree from before,
    still stands alone.
    the grass also,
    as if years have flown.
    nice and soft it is,
    as i rise.
    "are you here love?"
    I search but see you not,
    could this be another dream?
    at first camly i walk.
    hours later at the tree,
    now sight of you with me
    in a worryful way
    i run through the daisies,
    a white blaze behind,
    leaving all cares behind.
    i must find you love,
    as so come apon a grave,
    and i know that's your name.
    it's open and no body inside.
    then i turn and see you.
    my dark haired angel,
    knife in hand.
    i yell out,
    "NO PLEASE!!!"
    but you cannot percieve my word,
    the dagger's inserted,
    and i run to you.
    i try to hold you,
    but i cannot hold you,
    for my fingers glide through,
    as if ghostly.
    and you look into space,
    not seeing me,
    as if i'm not there.
    "Why wasn't there,
    anyone for me....?"
    I try to comfort you,
    but you hear me not,
    i go to kiss you,
    this ghostly state,
    robs me of such.
    as you take your last breath.
    you fall and die,
    blood taining the field.
    slowly the field turns to red.
    all the field,
    red with your blood.
    my world's over,
    and i don't have you now.
    not seen again,
    you one i loved,
    you lay you in the dirt.
    parting the red flowers,
    now roses,
    one's you love,
    have no idea,
    what they are worth.
    they lay you in the cold dirt,
    as i think.
    "those roses,
    were my love for you.
    the amount i had,
    now i'm broken in two."
    the only thing i can grab in this world,
    the dagger with your blood,
    while other things untouchable.
    i start to drive it,
    when i realize,
    Romeo and Juliet.
    also this way were laid to rest.
    shifting then thrusting
    i commense the death,
    and there i lay.
    suffering only a second,
    i look at your grave,
    hoping someone will see me.
    once dead,
    still not percieved by thier eyes.
    i watch as i decay,
    and no one seem to know,
    two people died today.
    one laid to rest,
    to peacefully sleep.
    one laid down by the pain,
    to eternally weep.

    Again I awake with tears in my eyes..........

    Justin McCormick (K' Heart)

    Far be it for me to be anything special, when the only special thing I desire with me, is the special person I share my gifts with.

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    oooo sad and involves death yay this was kinda funna..Jk it was really sad


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