There are things about me that I just cant hide
Then there are things about me that I let slide
Im your everyday dose of laughter and smiles
Smiles are contagious, they spread far in miles
Im energetic and loads of fun
Most of the time, im out in the sun
I am very nice and so very kind
So let me cheer you up if you don’t mind
Im tall and I am a guy
So innocent, I make all evils die =P

This is my plan and the US my base of operation
Just you wait for the Asian Domination
Plan and code name Asian Invasion
O wait…don’t mind that, it was from my land of creation
Im very creative and im artistic
Im always happy and super optimistic
Im so creative, my land is grand
So many ideas, I might need another hand

Then there’s the bad side of me
That no one rarely ever see
Im not so easy to annoy
Im always full of pride and of joy

Im also a hopeless romance
Everyone I meet, it seems to be that I haven’t any chance
When I talk to girls, im usually very shy
Whenever I do, my mind just starts to fry
Its so ironic, Im such a hopeless romantic
It makes my past seem not so enthusiastic

This is all tat I have right now to show
If you were wondering, my heart has been broken, now u know
This is all I have that I want to say
You can count on me to soften up your heart of clay
Because I care for my friends very much
I do my best to help them and all of the such
Thus is the life of me Chris Nguyen
It’s easy and difficult, the position Im in
But live your best and hope for the good
This is something I do that all of you should
Try to keep life simple, clean, and fun
Let heart and soul be plagued by sun

By: Christopher Nguyen