Well, I guess it would be cool but, honestly I think around the end Rock Lee is going to get written out just because all he can learn is Taijutsu. In one of the episodes, it explains how he cannot use chakra at all. So all he can learn is taijutsu. Unless some monsterous spell is used on him he can't use ninjutsus or genjutsu. Also, theres actually 8 lotus gates. But you cannot open all of them cause the last one is actually called the death gate. And that takes all the strength you have than and triples it for 3 minutes. But after 3 minutes, you die. Lol, Fortunately you get mad friggen power... but then you die in 3 minutes! hehehe... Now, what do you guys think of Uchiha Itachi (Sasukes brother). Using the Mange Sharingan his master attack is the genjutsu Illusionary Underworld. Anyone ever seen it? Amazing!