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Thread: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

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    AS a true miyazaki fan... i must say.. that i have already bought all six films released by disney, and cherish each and everyone of them. I also have kiki'sdelivery service that was released by buena vista... and Disney. I also have My neighbor totoro and princess mononoke. An am looking forward to buying Howl's Moving Castle.... oooooOOOO"
    Plus grave of the fireflies... that movie made me cry T-T ... to sad for words. Then there's also only yesterday... man that's good to... but then ocean waves the tv show was good Too >_<
    An of coruse lupin the 3rd... even though thats not really a Ghibli film...

    Ye Nausicaa... i liked that >_<
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    Wowie.. Didn't know this movie was so great. I remember my brother having one volume of the manga a while back. I loved Nausicaa, she was the first strong female character I ever saw...but at the end of the book it had the dreadfull, *to be continued* so I never knew how the story ended...I bought the dvd yesterday and I have not watched it yet but seeing all the good reviews here, I know I won't regret purchasing it

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