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Thread: Need Advice on a Wall

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    Need Advice on a Wall

    Here's a wallpaper I've been working on. It's coming out to be looking more like a collage and I don't want that, well obviously. However, my problem is the straight edges irk me in the wall and I don't know which is the best way to fix it so it looks better, in respect to the straight edges. (you'll know what I mean when you click on the link)

    There it is. Please help me make it better. I strayed from what I was doing for awhile and started something totally different. Result, this.

    Thanks for your advice in advance .^_^.

    -If you think it is fine the way it is, let me know. Or maybe the straight edges isn't the problem in this particular wall, etc. Thanks.

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    Re: Need Advice on a Wall

    Well this is why we have a gallery, to get comments and tips on our work. For that reason I will have to close the thread...



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