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Thread: Need advice: What Anime is for 4-5 year olds?

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    Hamtaro? It sickens me to even type the title but kids should dig it....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodion
    Because she HAS Disney movies. And that's not only the problem...

    You see, my wife bought her this little CD carry case shaped like a pig's head (LOL it really looks funny) last August that she carries around with her all the time in her little teddybear backpack. It used to contain her Disney and Sesame Street stuff, but she got tired of those and now she wants to put anime stuff in it...

    ...and one day TO MY UTMOST HORROR, I found one of my COOL DEVICES CDs in it (some of you know what that is hehehe)! She saw that the VCD label had some "cute" anime s printed on it, and so she decided to place it in her CD-case (I know, I know, I'm careless with my stuff sometimes, so go figure)! Good thing she never lent it to anyone around the neighborhood (whew)...see what I mean? I want to give her her own anime so that she won't mess with my own little stash.

    Eeh... not good to leave Cool Devices lying around, no it isn't. Good thing that she didn't watch it, eh?

    I agree, all the ones on ex-paranoia list are good for little ones.

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