I've been looking for a manga artist for a long time now, and i just thought i could ask some ppl here... i could draw anime characters, but im not that good, and when it comes to paneling, I SUCK AT IT... i could honestly say i'm very good at writing, not to brag or anything, but i've started writing stories since i was 7 (believe it or not), and currently i have about 32 titles in my journals (again... believe it or not), and i could honestly say to you guys too that almost all of them are great stories... and i've been meaning to show it to everyone (internet, or by joining contest.. n such) but the real problem is... im not very confident in my drawing, which really blows... because for me i cant make the story great without it's visualization... sure ppl can imagine, but wat bout the ppl who cant!! so if you're interested plz pm me...

this is probably the story i'm going to pick...(depends)

"Real: A Teenage Life"

A laid back but soft heated guy, a pimp with a love for beating people up, and an over-confident, but scared of everything guy... what more can you ask for, as comedy, romance and drama, folds to the life of 7 teenagers.

P.S. If you want to see the 6 episodes i typed for this... just pm me, it's typed in microsoft word, with some illustrations that i drew on mspaint