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Thread: Need Review: My BECK AMV

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    Need Review: My BECK AMV

    I recently completed my AMV with footage from BECk, and music from Linkin Park - In The End. The title is "Linkin Beck - In The End".

    I'd like to know what everybody thinks about it. I would appreciate all feedback and opinions.

    Here is the url for my AMV @

    if it doesn't work, then you'll have to access it through yourself. Just search for it under the anime, Beck. The title is "Linkin Beck - In The End".
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    Linkin Park "In The End"? Oooh, you're treading on dangerous grounds!
    Let us see...

    The lip sync is not bad, but not great either. Some parts look very good but most look so-so, especially the rap lines. You also overused some of the facial motions to achieve the lip sync (especially with long 'aaaaaah' sounds (like "I had to fall to lose it aaaaaaaaall").

    Video quality is...Okay not bad looking and a high image size helps of course.

    As Beck seems to revolve around a band it also must not have been hard to find good guitar and drums pieces to work with. Most of these parts are good but there are a little too many of them and they look a little plain for the music you hear while you see them
    e.g. When you hear a big guitar blast you just see the same image of the hand playing the guitar, some visual effects at key moments are in order here.

    Some of the sounds from the anime are in the video (like during the fight scene) but they don't disturb the video so no harm done.

    What does irritate me is that 2 pieces of subtitles are still in the video.
    At 2:38 you suddenly see "He's on a different level" and at 3:16 you see (and hear if I'm not mistaken) the word "Yup!"

    I can't say if the AMV fits the anime because I haven't seen it.

    I don't know if you have alot of experience in making AMVs but I give this one a 6.8/10
    Great if you're a novice, mediocre if you're an experienced creator.

    P.S. I don't recommend using Linkin Park songs and certainly not "In the End" because frankly, there are way to many of those.


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