trapped in this place,
can't go out,
can't get anything,
can't do anything.

i am like an animal,
stuck in a cage,
not being able to be wild,
not being let free.

these 4 wall that bind me,
are my prison,
and the reason for,
my insanity.

that's why i'm down,
and discomforted.

i hate this place i'm in,
but cannot leave it either.
i want so badly to be free,
but have no one to save me.

all i have is this computer.
it's the only thing i own here.
it's like a window,
i'm able to "see" out into the world.

that's my pain,
my agony,
my despair,
this......... place.

like a prisoner I am.
will there ever be freedom?
where's the saving grace,
to save this man?

Who says the knight doesn't,
need saving once in a while.......

By: Justin McCormick (K' Heart)