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Thread: Neon Genesis Evangelion:Anime and Manga Differences

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    well, maybe drawing out the time longer means, that they can make more money from the other merchandise that they sell. cuz when an anime ends, unless you're a big fan (which i am of evangelion) you're prolly gonna move on to some other stuff, and buy other merchandise.

    or maybe he just draws slow lol. or ... uhh is working on other stuff.

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    Maybe they are waiting for something. lol

    PS: it takes time to create manga

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    Aye I understand that... but theres normal manga-ka writing speed... then there's Sadamoto's speed
    I think it also stems from the fact that Evangelion, the last I remember, runs in an monthy or bi-monthy manga magazine. Can't remember which. Also I heard that he has hiatus's quite often too. Which would explain why he takes so long.
    For example, a manga running in a bi-monthy magazine, like Hana to Yume for example, usually takes about a year to form a standard six chapter long manga volume.
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