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Thread: New guy here. Just talking

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    New guy here. Just talking

    Hey you guys. Im new here. i want some friends. i really like anime. I really like Trunks from AO. Anime is gay and so are you guys. All of you are fags. That suck monky nuts. You guys can come and eat my crap. Trunks can too. Why do you guys talk crap over the internet. All of you are just too scared to fight each other in real life. You guys are all just fat losers who jackoff all day just like trunks. Who is trunks? What is your real name? You sound really gay. Trunks is a gay name. YOur what, like 35 and i bet you still live with your fat ugly momma. Dont make me come over there and make you eat my crap. Ill fart in your mouth. Bye i hope you guys like me. PM me soon bye. Trunks is reall gay. Dont warn me or act like an mod or you will get banned. I know what i am doing. I talk about trunks because he licks monky anus. Bye, Bye

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    Re: New guy here. Just talking

    I will warn you to stop this kind of attitude or you will be banned from the site.

    This has been closed...


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