Ok as anyone who watched Sportcenter or Baseball Tonight knows last night Rafael Palmeiro is the newest member of the 3000 hit club, but since the beginning of the season there has been speculation that he doesnt deserve to go to the Hall despite having solid star numbers. Not only does he have 3000 hits, but at the moment stands at 566 homers with a good shot at reaching 600. Only three of players (all Hall of Famers can say that, Mays, Aaron, and Eddie Murray). Now how is there any chance this guy should not get in? Because he lacks the flare and overall popularity that people like Aaron, George Brett, and Willie Mays had? That seems like a weak excuse. A report on ESPN's frontpage claims that the reason he doesnt deserve the nod is because he was never a dominant player....well beside the likes of Bonds, Sosa, and McGwire, what other hitter was over the last decade?

So anyways what this all boils down to is do you think he is Hall worthy or not?