Just Wrote These 2 poems thought someone might appreciate them.

Not So Perfect
Walking This Busy Street
Thinking About Times Of Old
And The Wonders That We Hold
On This New York City Block
I See Peace
All Races United
We Don’t Realize That We're All Wrong
We Don’t Think Of The Homeless Or The Jobless
We Don’t Think Of How We Can Help
Or Ways to Change It
We Just Think About Ourselves
We Force Them To
Lie To Cheat And Even To Steal
We Punish Them
But Who Should We Really punish

One Other Poem I Just Wrote,

Spring Time Affection
Bright Colors
Raining Down Upon The Earth
So Wonderful A Time
Full Of Emotion And Love
Kids all Around
Jumping And Making Mounds
Of Orange Yellow Red And Green
They're all Falling Down
Such A Time Of Great Beauty
Of Wonder And Hope
Of Reminiscing And Romance.

So Tell Me What You Think PLZ...