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Thread: Night Time, Day Dream

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    Night Time, Day Dream

    Laying in my bed remebering the only,
    Time that I held on to someone tightly.
    I wasn't in my bed, but in her arms,
    I just wanted to be there now.

    Eyes closed I was in your embrace,
    Then you leaned in towards me.
    Not dreaming a sleep there in my bed,
    I closed my mind's eyes and kissed you.

    Deeply I could feel your soul,
    I felt ever movement of your lips.
    Your toungue slipped against mine,
    And I lay there holding you tightly.

    Unaware of my covers and pillow,
    I lie there in your arms one last time.
    I wish I could have been there for you,
    But I'm glad for my imagination.

    So now I awake and you go away again,
    From my nightly, daydream.
    So I go to sleep and I'll wake in the morn.
    Well, at least I was loved once more.

    By: Justin McCormick (K' Heart) "Love last forever... even if it changes to frienship."

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    "From my nightly, daydream."

    That confused me greatly. Other than that? Amazing as always. Try going over it once or twice to catch the spelling errors. ^_~
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