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Thread: Not truthful

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    Not truthful

    Sorry if I have posted this thread in the wrong spot , but I don't know where I should post this.
    I haven't been putting up my full gallery for personal reasons but I had to make a certain decision. So, when this gallery comes out please check it out.(And if you have any comments on my work leave it in the art gallery. Please dont post comments here.)
    I don't know what soccerery dug you up."laughs Rick as he throws of his school uniform revealing his team outfit.His cheeks and forhead begin to glow and upon his face appears the markings of the lightforce."But when I am through with you your going to wish you stayed dead."

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    Re: Not truthful

    You don't need to make a thread to announce your work, people will see it in the gallery and post their feedback there.



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