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Thread: o.O FOOD O.o

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    I'd have to say the wierdest food Ive eaten... was a cake my friends mom made, It was made to look like a used kitty liter box, well she had a litter box and the cake sat inside and looked like used kitty litter, man. that was odd.

    Another wierd one is a candy my mums makes, it contains:

    Almond chocolate bark,
    yellow (has to be yellow) reeses pieces.

    Its made to look like bacon and eggs, the almond bark and the reeses piece is the egg, and the pretzels, (striaght ones), is the bacon.

    And as for drinks, any fountain drink my sister comes home with from the store, she likes to mix ALL the drinks. Man, i still dont see how she can drink that stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by syn~a~mon
    Probably the oddest thing I've eaten is Durian.
    My parents eat that stuff... I can never seem to make myself try it, the smell just doesn't sit well with me.

    Quote Originally Posted by jaderabbit
    ice cream and hot apple pie with cinnamin.
    I really wouldn't have thought anyone would consider that wierd... it seems to be a pretty common thing in North America. (Canada, and USA, not Mexico)

    The wierdest thing i've eaten is Sea Urchins, it's like... sea food flavoured whipped cream... in a bad way.

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