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Thread: Oh Come on... For the love of god...

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    Oh Come on... For the love of god...

    Spider since you don't let me quit, and the freak has come back with the same hostile attitude. Its time to return to action... And aint gonna be pretty....

    Spider please:

    Honestly I have never questioned any of the Admins authority (Before and after the AO's big Bang) You are all my buds and I respect you and all the work you have done for the site... But really something has to be stated about this... I don't know why are you letting this kind of people re-join the site after being banned not only once but twice, I know that maybe an IP ban may not work but at least not to allow him to be active anymore once we have spoted his true identity would be the least your members desrve, not to mention the insults that not only myself got but now Zui too....

    Is it really that this guy is above the rules and us, and that he can do anything he wants whenever he wants???? Please let me know so I can decide what to do about my own staying in AO...

    Again I respect you and will be behind you as friend, but surely Zui and myslef deserve respect too...

    Edit: Thank You! Phil, I saw you took action on him... This has returned my confidence on the site... :tumb:

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    maybe the guys on a static IP so we're not able to IP ban him, what was his first name?

    edit-nope actually I see them all now under that ip, I'll double check to see if he's ip banned

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