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Thread: online friends

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    Re: online friends

    Quote Originally Posted by Abu Dhabi
    online friends are fine and dandy! a friend is a friend! trust is what makes friendships work, both online and onlife...

    but.... i firmly disagree with purely online based boyfriend/girlfriend things....

    for love... i think you should be more willing to go find them then stay content to seeing them on a screen...

    plus i know of a relationship that was like that and wasn't good.... AT ALL...

    ::demonic face::

    I will not talk about it.

    ^__^ Aww, thanks hun...

    ... look...
    There's nothing wrong with an online bf or gf...
    I may have had.... a rather rough experience with them...
    But! ... I believe love should have no boundaries.

    Love IS possible through the net, just the same as through anything else...
    But it's a lot harder to keep...

    ... you start to yearn for their physical touch...
    ... because... you start to feel cold...
    ... no one's there but you and the screen...

    O_O But then SOME OF YOU start making out with the screen or with their own teddy bear, and that's just wrong!

    ... don't let them wait. When you promise that you'll meet them, promise to meet them soon AND keep the promise... don't keep your love waiting. Even if "MY LOVE IS ETERNAL" (like I always said... to a certain... thing), and saying "IT CAN STAND THE TEST OF TIME"........... that's grand, so you're going to let your crying little boyfriend or girlfriend just stay there cold in the dark because you're just making up excuses to not see them!!! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU! STFU AND STOP CRYING AND DO IT ALREADYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!


    <_< Look...

    As for online friends, they're great!
    ... they're just like real life friends, except you can't do EVERYTHING with them, and... you're not facing them, and you can't really feel them... because... you know, sometimes you wanna' hit them and wish they'd feel it, too. XD

    But just like real life friends... they can betray you and leave you...

    ... -_- ..... and that always sucks....... really bad...

    ........................especially when you trusted them.

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    Re: online friends

    Quote Originally Posted by kedar
    Some can be really good friends, while the others might not be. It also depends on how long you them, how well you know them, and how much you trust them. However, there are a few cases, where one meet a really good friend, but he/she distrusts their sayings, and the friendship can be broken instantly. It all depends, but I can tell you this: Online friendship is not as great, in most cases. That is my opinion.
    Nahhhh, I'm lucky enough to meet a special someone on the net and we're good buddies now

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