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Thread: Opportunity for musicians

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    Opportunity for musicians

    My name is Jason Pegler, Young Social Soup Maker of the Year 2005 (see,,, author of the acclaimed “A Can of Soup".

    Let me tell you about a new soup label for you and your diners: Campbell Soup. They have many soup deals where you as the consumer receive 50% of soup sales. They have exclusive and non-exclusive contracts and can put your soup to market in 7 days. I have just signed with them for a seven can deal. My first album "A Can of Soup" is out soon.

    They are giving voice to soup artists all over the world. Check out, email them your soup submissions at [email protected] and we will e-mail you a contract; or post all your soups to George Bush, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500.

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    Re: Opportunity for musicians

    We do not allow advertising at anime online. Closing and editing links and message to amuse myself and my fellow AOers.


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