As most people know, Otakon is the largest Anime convention on the east coast. It is coming up in Aug 19-21. Now I have two rooms reseved at the Radisson hotel. One for myself and bro, the other was for some staff and friends here at AO. Well, due to some things the second room is open. If no one wants it I will cancell it. If you look at the Otakon website, the special prices for Otakon group is sold out at Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore It is only two blocks from the convention center. The room is a two bed double. It's 139.00 US Dollar (USD) Per night + tax + gratuity Group rate.
By the way, that's the price the hotel charges not me :P

It is currently reserved for 4 days/ 3 nights( Aug 18-21). Which means Triple the price. This can be changed to 3 days / 2 nights or 2 days/ one night as well. Of course the more people you can get to bunk with you, the less it will cost, since you'll be dividing it between the group. Just don't let the hotel people know that there are more then 2 people in the room

If you want it let me know. I will transfer it to you. Of course you need to be over 21 and a credit card to reserve the room. I will NOT keep it in my name, unless I really know you, since they have a cancell date of july 20th. And I do not want to be responsible for the room if you don't show up.

I will cancell the second room by July 8th if no one wants it.

Good luck bidding