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Thread: Pacific Media Expo (Volunteers)

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    Pacific Media Expo (Volunteers)

    Pacific Media Expo (PMX) is a new Convention that is seeking new horizons and to break that old convention mold. PMX is also seeking your help to achieve this goal.

    Be a part of the inner working of PMX. Be one of the members that a team that is successful convention. Be able to work at a convention and still have time to see most of it. Be a Volunteer.

    As an All-Con Volunteer you will able to take advantage of having rooming (crash space) provided along with 2 meals a day. I must also mention that you get your Full member ship pass reimbursed to you. All that is required that you complete the 16 hours of volunteer work during the 3 day convention , and that you have registered for a Full Membership pass b4 the start of PMX.

    As a One-Day Volunteer all that is required is that you work 4 hours for 1 day to receive your reimbursement. This type of Volunteer will not have access to provided rooming and the daily meals, but walk in One-Day Volunteers will be accepted at the start of each new convention day. This offer is only valid with the purchases of One-Day Memberships.

    Volunteering schedule is very flexible

    For more information about PMX and or Volunteering for PMX please visit us at

    <link removed>

    Thank You for your time

    Chow S.
    Manager PMX Volunteers 2005

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    Re: Pacific Media Expo (Volunteers)

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