I have heard various rumors that there will be a THIRD game to the intriguing Parasite Eve series.

I adored the first game, and the second was alright. I love the plots ~ and the biological aspects of the game are awesome! If you google up Parasite Eve 3 + Rebirth Summed up in This URL, you will find that the results show the game is still being talked about. It's VERY vicarious, a "he said, she said" kind of thing. I really hope it comes into play.

For those that don't know, Parasite Eve is a for Playstation platform, and involves mitochondria ~ utilizing human energy [IE. for electrical charge / rejuvination], and centers around a nucleic organelle as parasite theory. It's a complex story that basically the gamer won't grasp unless they are seriously into it, and it doesn't unwind until the very end. I would like to see the game come out for PS3, which is assuming what it would come out on...

I am still unclear on PE 2, although I believe it has something to do with cloning Eve, herself. Has anyone heard about this game coming into production?!