just got through reading the pastel manga vol.4 ch.25 and i have to say that is awesome. It's pretty much an romance manga but it is very comical too. Mugi and yuu have just returned home and yuu is outside returning from school(i believe) and she see's a stray cat. So she brings it home "mugi dosen't like cat's but let's it stay" but from all the rain yuu passes out from a cold. Mugi then has too change her clothes "not looking of course" but after he's done the cat plays hide and go seek up yuu's shirt whle mugi has to get him out. But at the end he grab's the wrong thing and yuu's sister get's a picture of it tooo. Well i pretty much explained the chapter except the ending. I hope that someone out there likes the manga as much as me. It comes from anime waves if ya wana go read so o the chapters