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Thread: PC Gamers Rejoice: Fable's com'n to the PC!

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    What would be nice is if you could keep playing after you won the game though. It really dissapointed me that I couldn't play after I won.

    Also, the game was short, and it would take a lot of new stuff or everything new to make me buy it for pc. Why play it all over again, just for a few new missions? Unless most or all of its new, It's not worth it.

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    After playing the Xbox version I know I won't be playing this, the Xbox was okay, but all that freedom they talked about, choices to do good or bad missions, man they just weren't there, I was force fed a lot of good points cause I HAD to take a mission that was good, and there just wasn't anything bad about it.

    Then I had to take out my anger on innocent villagers time after time to rebuild my evil. Got old. If they're looking to improve it, they better make the maps more than direct paths and give some evil missions.

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