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Thread: [PhotoShop Tutorial] Liquid Abstract

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    [PhotoShop Tutorial] Liquid Abstract

    This is a tutorial for doing the intense liquid-ish backgrounds that I've been using lately. It only takes about 5 minutes; quick and easy.

    First, open a new file at any size (I used 500px by 500px for this one) and make the background black.

    Next use Filter-Render-Lens Flare ... use the default settings and place it anywhere on the image. You can use more than one, I used two.

    The next step is to go to Filter-Sketch-Chrome
    Use these settings : Detail = 11 , Smoothness = 0
    It should look something like this:

    Now press ctrl+j to duplicate the layer. Set the blending mode to lighten and duplicate the layer at least 4 more times. I used 7 total layers.

    Select the first duplicated image and go to Filter-Distort-Wave
    Hit randomize until you get the effect you want. You can do this multiple times with each layer, I did it twice for each. You should get something to the effect of this:

    next proceed to do the random waves on all but the original layer and the last two layers. You should get something like this:

    Now we'll do a distortion effect on the last two layers just to add a subtle spin effect. Select the second to last layer and go to Filter-Distort-Twirl and use any value. I used 200 for this one. Next go to the last layer and go to Filter-Distort-Twirl and use the same value as before, only negative. I used -200.
    It should look somewhat like this:

    Now merge the layers (ctrl+shift+e) and add color (ctrl+u). Make sure you check the colorize button and get whatever color you desire. I went for an icy-blue.
    Looks like this:

    This looks good, but of you want it to be more intense, than there's one more thing you have to do. Go to Filter-Blur-Gaussian and use the default of 3.0px. Now go to Edit-Fade Gaussian and set it to either Overlay or Soft Light. I used soft light and it looks like this:

    This should be an easy way to get an awesome intense liquid effect to your designs.

    ENJOY! ~ Zarriff

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    Re: [PhotoShop Tutorial] Liquid Abstract

    a very good tutorial for some nice plasma siggs.
    Good job.
    -Just another green eyed angel, distorted by mans love for hate-

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    Re: [PhotoShop Tutorial] Liquid Abstract

    aha!! Zarriff sir!! see ya on da other web!! good tutorial !!


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