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Thread: Playstation 3 Speculations

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    Re: Playstation 3 Speculations

    Quote Originally Posted by Cybergig1
    I still think that if used correctly that Cell processor can do some insane things.
    I hope they can. I read somewhere that they were never able to use the processor in the ps2 correctly, so the full potential of the ps2 is still unknown.

    I wouldn't be surprised about that xbox 360 price since your right they seem to really be pushing the 360 trademark so that wouldn't be that bad a price I guess. Considering all the technology in the box and a hard drive its really a steal. Heck all that for your PC would cost a couple grand lol! the Video card would cost more than 360 bucks I mean c'mon!!
    You have a point. Sometimes I forget what's inside the system and how much those items can cost. I think the newest Nvidia Card(7800) costs 500+ dollars. So yes, systems at such a lower price than a pc really is a steal.

    Not sure on the xbox 360 demos. I've heard those that did the behind closed doors things said they were running the games on like the alpha kits and stuff, since noone had an actual working Xbox 360. It was all just run on equipment simulating things, and even then for all of them it was like not the full power each of those sytems can handle, which is awesome haha!
    Yes, everyone claimed that it was running at 25% of it's full potential.

    Microsoft seems to be really pushing their xbox live plan. From what I've seen it looks great. I just don't know how many more people are going to be able to subscribe to live especially when you need a broadband connection, an xbox 360, and a monthly subscription to xbox live to do so which costs a lot for the average consumer.

    Hopefully Sony can have some sort of online plan for their ps3 that can be as organized as xbox live.

    I've just read an article at gamedaily that shows Famitsu stating that the ps3 HDD is not standard.

    "According to the latest issue of Famitsu, the PlayStation 3 will not ship with a hard disc drive (HDD). This is concurrent with statements made by Sony Computer Entertainment head Ken Kutaragi early last month. This is likely an attempt to keep the cost of the system down (Merrill Lynch Japan recently priced the PS3 at $399 and estimated the manufacturing cost to be nearly $500). The system will ship with a 2.5-inch hard drive slot, with a HDD sold separately.

    Kutaragi has recently suggested that the first PS3 HDD units will be 80 GB in size. He has stated that he hopes to include an operating system like Linux on the HDD. It is unknown if there will eventually be version of the PS3 sold bundled with the HDD, similar to what Sony has done with the PS2 in the past."

    They're doing the same thing as they did with the ps2, but this time buying the HDD is going to be mandatory.
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