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    Post Please Help

    I haven't posted on AnimeOnline previously, but i have an idea. Im starting a site dedicated to art. Im going to have stories, poems, sketches, and much more. But i truly enjoy the work posted on this site, and if you wish, i hope to have some anime on my site. Copyrights will be strictly enforced, people will not be able to copy or save your work, unless you want them to-i will have a "you are allowed to have this" page. You can submit sketches or whatever. When my site is up and running, you will be able to preview before you can submit if you would like.


    (I cant think of a good
    Name,i was thinking
    "Insomniacs Dream",
    or is that too cheesy?)
    "thank heaven! the crisis-
    the danger is past,
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    is over at last-
    and the fever called 'living'
    is conquered at last"
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