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Thread: Poem of Chaos

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    Poem of Chaos

    Dust of Now

    I stand alone in the frigid darkness
    Death and life one in the same
    Light and dark blend into each
    Emotion and intellect clash as waves
    Conflicts emerge form the inner soul
    Misguided signs to follow the path
    Wrong doings and mischieg they arise
    Judge jury excutioner all in one.

    I listen to the empitness alone
    Time passes onward regardless of us
    Hesitation ot follow intheir footsteps
    Goals attainable in reach move away
    Achievements that leave no reminders behind
    Crumbles around the once and has been
    The waves wash away the time
    The dust covers the had been.

    I watch it rise and set
    Reality is dependent on the constraints
    Time does goes back and forth
    Around they travel going nowhere fast
    It rises and it sets always
    The only constant reminder of them
    The snow comes covers all
    Again it crumbles away all alone.


    Behold the Chaos that is all around.
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