I hid today thinking your weren't there,
Only at the end of the church service did I realize I was wrong.
I gave you the poems that i hoped would explain,
the situation that is driving me insane causing all my hurt.
I held my face down in the place I was seated.
I didn't want you to see my pain if you arrived.
I don't want anyone to know what I have gone through now.
Will you be there if I ask for your help,
or will you disregard me like the rest.
Please, I love you dear girl,
give me a chance please.
If you do not, then I am afriad,
that death will become my newest best friend.
I can see it now, The Reaper holding sickle forth come.
"I guess I'm next then, huh?"
He shakes his cold dead hand to mine and says,
"Cometh tho hither".
A chill runs down and causes me to shiver.
Well, to hell I already know is my judgement,
"Good guys do finish last" I say as he continues on.
I sit down and sickle at my neck,
one quick slice and that is it.....
"For...Give... Me.... My.... Love............................................." .
A puddle of blood runs from my viens and body,
so that it soaks the very carpet underneath me.
Sorry mom I didn't mean to do this.
Sorry I made such a mess on your floor.
I guess I best to clean it up,
but I can't move anymore as I lie here on the floor.
You asking me why I did this mom,
why I committed suicide.
Mom, no one loved me so no one at my passing will cry.
Don't tear up, it's a waste,
save it for your husband when he leaves this place.
I guess I have nothing left to say,
but goodbye cruel world,
A victory to you, you killed another good guy today....

By: Justin McCormick (K' Heart)