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Thread: [Poem] White Pillow Mind

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    [Poem] White Pillow Mind

    I wrote this not to long ago. It based off of stuff in my life and the world that enrage me. What do you think?
    White Pillow Mind
    Change who you are
    to make you better they say
    Tell you you're wrong
    And you life, for as many years
    has been spend foolishly thinking on your own
    God forbid
    Locked in a coated chamber
    Metal counting
    For you, your mind, future and being
    You who needs to know that being right and worthful
    stands in the eyes of others
    Finding yourself with the aid of chemicals
    Unholy to the natural world
    A time were feeling better was actually feeling
    Is nothing more then spoken words of time
    Forgotten and barly missed
    For our robotic years save us
    From the virus of the mind
    Fearing the one with thought
    False statments of care for one
    But truly a selfish safehaven
    From the actions of the feared one with free will
    It and it's white pillowed mind
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