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Thread: [poem/within a poem]

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    [poem/within a poem]

    Spring. A beginning where all sorrows go.

    Larks weave past the breeze, fly to the tops of the trees.
    Peach blossoms leap, the gleam that is smelled puts me to sleep.
    A glowing heart sings, the time to buy all sorts of rings.
    Fragile can be the season, don't let it go without reason.

    Summer. Have the warmth flow.

    Sun's warm glow can call, find how you play and throw the ball.
    Faster is the crowd of healthy, running and jumping just isn't for the wealthy.
    A time to just sit or stand, would you eat anything canned.
    The grill vents its pungent cloud, and the people tend to cheer out loud.

    Autumn. Colors abound and the winds blow.

    Starting to show is the wisps of red, all colors that exist come ahead.
    All show and granduer put together, grey skies often bring some weather.
    Breezes shiver past tree and house, a lark leaves to fly south.
    Grass becomes dead and brown, all the trees have lost their crown.

    Winter. Through the window a candle-light can glow.

    Hovering down across the sky, that white comes down from on high.
    The Ice covers all the waters, the cold man identifies and then meters.
    Now is the time to spend with love, gentle and soft like that of a dove.
    Sit by the fire of the hearts, let your soul sleep till the year again starts.

    Spring. A beginning where all troubles slow.

    ~by youth_anime_fan

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    Now this is what I'm talkin about!!!!!! This is an amazing poem. Great job!!!

    -sighs- I enjoyed reading it. I think that's one of the most important things that a poem has to make you feel. Enjoyment.
    Seduced by Flesh


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