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    here is a poem that i wrote along time ago, it's about war.

    My thoughts on war!
    In war, many lives are lost, some without reason. As we fight and lives are lost, we are covered by many things. Many of those who we lose, covers those they know with a blanket of sadness, but are laid to rest in a bed of honor. Some may ask when this blood shed will end: ‘Will wars come to an end for good?’ The answer I say is …Never! Wars are being fought even under our noses, like kids over whose right or if gays and lesbians can be married. People have the right to fight and some take that right to far by causing blood shedding crimes. So before we start fighting other countries, we need to fight each to her in this place of hope.

    I hope it's okay.........
    Here are some other ones!

    Black Eyes
    By Kitty-Chan
    Black eyes are what I fear. My mouth has gained a mind of its own. Words of anger and pain spill out as I hurt from unseen bruises. Black eyes from crying are what I fear. I hold back as much of the tears of everything I feel. Slowly now, right here, I feel some thing. Something new as I tell people how I really feel. Black eyes are from losing people I love, things that I cared for, and things I loved to do. Under this mask of happiness are black eyes that each time I get one they make my unseen bruises grow. I can feel something cut into my heart, they may heal but they leave a scar. My mind calls for help but my mouth never lets me! What ever I do there are people who make fun of me. I’m writing this now to say how I feel. As people say that I dream too much, there is one dream I’ve had since this started! I wished that superheroes were real, but now I think about it, they do! They are my friends and family, people who care about me. Slowly, I can feel the pain from the unseen bruises and the scars on my heart leave me alone. I ask, ‘Do I hate?’ Yes, but what do I do? I ask my friends to make me laugh. I feel light when I laugh and my pain leaves me, and all my worries are nothing. Thanks, for making me free. Thanks for being here, or there. Thanks, for just listening. Thanks!


    A pain comes and goes, the pain get stronger as these short days pass. Death is around and the pain grows. I grown to think my pain is death itself. People never could see what pain death cause people. Since I have realized it could be death, the pain comes when I hear of it. Tears come when I think about it. Tear are something I have learned not to shed for it make me fell weak when people see. My power will be my death but knowing this makes me fell stronger and make each minute a passing haven, death may make people go though hell, but hell only comes thought fear and doubt.
    Hope that you like them!
    *Meow* Kitty *Meow*

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    well i liked pain the best and keep up with the good work


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