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Thread: Pollitics: Votes and pay

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    Pollitics: Votes and pay

    More pollitical discussion.

    Subjects id like to discuss,,,

    Do you think there should be mandatory voting (by law) ?, how many people would give it the 'finger' (if it where to happen).

    How much do you think polliticians should earn (PMs,Presidents etc), do you think there overpaid, do you think that they only want the position(pm,president) for the money.

    For uk polliticians, rates of pay (in pounds, annually, 2004 - 2005)...

    Prime Minister 178,922

    Cabinet Minister 130,347
    Minister of State 95,281
    Parliamentary Under Secretary 86,173
    Government Chief Whip 130,347
    Government Deputy Chief Whip 95,281
    Government Whip 81,809
    Assistant Government Whip 81,809
    Leader of the Opposition 124,277
    Opposition Chief Whip 95,281
    Deputy Chief Opposition Whip 81,809
    Assistant Opposition Whip 81,809
    Speaker 130,347
    Chairman of Ways and Means 95,281
    First Deputy Chairman 90,703
    Second Deputy Chairman 90,703
    Solicitor General 120,971

    NOTE: this excludes the "Ministers and office-holders in the Lords"


    Should they teach pollitics and human/civil rights in school ?.

    Do you think taxes CAN be lowered (without increasing or introducing another tax.).

    Do you think the goverment should stop spending so much on the tourism industry and start sending that money towards solving more immediate problems like road maintainance (road tax is maintaining roads much, more so for new roads).

    Any other pollitics based topic is welcome, this is a progressive debate about these and related subjects.

    NOTE: Please try and keep it mature and intellictual, try and give some deatils rather than simply saying "I dont agree" (please say why you dont agree).

    Do you think I should be shot for bringing such boring subjects up ?

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    Re: Pollitics: Votes and pay

    Grumble Grumble Grumble
    Quote Originally Posted by Kikieru
    Do you think I should be shot for bringing such boring subjects up ?
    No, you should be shot for bringing too many topic to discuss in a single thread...

    Thread topic is too diverse and undefined for a debate topic thread...

    FAVOURITE THREADS EXPLAIN why, or risk an infraction.
    Rantings of a Grouchy Old Anime Otaku


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