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Thread: Posting on a site without a message board

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    Posting on a site without a message board

    On my site which is I'm trying to set up a system where people can register and post to their Journal and also I would like include a gallery that automaticly posts everythingn up.

    But I don't want a message board just a journal and a gallery and a members page where it lists the members and if you click on a memeber you can view their profile.

    Also I would like all of this to work with my currently layout.

    here's an example outline of what I would like to find.

    Journal Button
    ------Page comes up
    -------------at top a log in and then under log it a list of members to read their journal
    -------------------click on a member
    -------------------------a list of dates for that member
    ---------------------------------click on a date and the journal entry comes up

    Gallery button
    ---------page comes up
    ------------------at top the log in and under it a list of cagagories and under the appropriate a thumbnail of the picture and the name and discription next to the thumbnail

    Writing Workshop
    ........ basicly same as journal except dates you'll have story names

    members button
    .......... log in at top then members... and if one was to log in they could edit it

    then on the home page i would like a place to register and if they are to register they could automaticly register for all the writing workshop, journal, member page, and gallery..

    anyone could you give me a link to any site that would help me ... it would be much apprictiated.
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    Thanked 3 Times in 2 Posts Look for GeekJournal or something to that effect. That should be what your looking for. Gallery I would say Coppermine but you want it to match your site Look in his scripts there will be a thumbnail script for your site.


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