The history?asata on one old adapted and modified Japanese fable from Reiko Shimizu. On the island of prince every Kaguya night of full moon, not hardly someone of its "Agnelli sacrifices them" caught up the 16 years came beheaded and offered in sacrifice the same one.
But we come to the true and own weft.
Nell.isola di Kabuchi-jima, governed from prince Kaguya, a group of children has been grown in order to become victims sacrifices them. Two of these, Akira and Midori, become friends for the skin. A day, with to the companions, they decide to defy the dead women slowly putting in action a rischioso of escape. Approximately ten years after after, the boys you escape yourself (than in the separate meantime they have lived screw and not too much happy near several adoptive families) mysteriously begin to die: the sacrifice to which they are you escape yourself continues to perseguitarli! In order to try to escape to the dead women the ten survivors of the group they decide to return sull.isola. From a series of mysterious events begins here bizzarri and that will be developed in along story from the fantascientifici implications that wheel around one teoria of the verr?velata conspiracy that understood it after understood it.

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Akira ? the protagonist of the history. E' one girl of 15 years from the male, mature and brave aspect. Adopted orphaned and?tata Akira?n' from one pittrice, Shouko, gi?adre of one child of Mayu name. Between Akira and Mayu a relationship of love and hatred is established. While Akira becomes the lover of the mother of Mayu and and puts down knot as it models for its pictures. The girl grows unfortunate and comes pi?ardi kidnapped and capacity on the island of Kabuchi-jima where she meets Yui, Midori and many other boys.

Yui ?n strange boy much and silent one who seem to have strange powers. Its eyes and its hats have the color of the moon and also this makes of he a fascinating and mysterious boy. E' a lot attacked its friend of infancy, Midori.

Midori ? a boy who is similar very to Akira. E' much timid and introvert and often let to drag from Yui. Soffre from a cancer to the stomach. Secretly in love E' of Akira.