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Thread: Princess Nine

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    Princess Nine

    I just finished watching the whole series of Princess Nine, all 26 episodes. If you haven't seen the whole thing, turn back now! .^_^.

    I have to say I thought the series as a whole was fabulous. The characters were so well developed, but I cannot help but have my peeves about the ending.

    Does everything have to be left implied? Do you have any idea how upset I was that the Kisaragi girls didn't win?! I was thinking, either Takasugi and Ryo get everything cleared up or the girls win the game. One or the other. But they lost! You can say that Takasugi and Ryo did clear things up and confessed their feelings to each other, but we didn't get to really see anything other than that.

    I mean, after all, we only got to see Takasugi kiss Izumi. >grr< I love Izumi though, don't worry. *winks*

    In any case, they loose and all you see is Takasugi running the bases. I'm guessing it's implied him and Ryo get together right? *tear* I can't help it, I just would rather have seen it. Also, we never find out if the Kisaragi boys win at Koshien either! That's one thing we just won't know right?

    Also, (sorry for how long this is going), from how it ended -with the announcer and everything-, it's implied that the girls will probably make it to Koshien within the next two years, correct? Because if it isn't implied, I'll be very put out. I wanted them to succeed! Okay, I need to breath.

    One thing I have to say I liked about the ending was when Izumi just went over and hugged Ryo. I was thinking...well, that's one thing that fits .^_^.

    Oh, oh! And the ending credits they always play. Is that showing the girls how they leave at the end, or them going their seperate paths after high school? I like to speculate .^_^. (ie. Yoko = modeling)

    Like I said, all in all, it was a wonderful series and definitely worth seeing. A gem in my eyes. I'll leave you guys to discuss further my thoughts and prompts on Princess Nine.

    Okay, I'm done .^_^.

    *runs away while waiting to hear 'Grumble Grumble Grumble'*

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    Re: Princess Nine

    Ah, this show kicked ass. I watched it as part of my local Anime Club, and it was very enjoyable. Of course, half the time we were making A League of Their Own jokes while watching the series. I've never heard the line "There's no crying in baseball!" used so many times in my life.

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    Re: Princess Nine

    Grumble Grumble Grumble !!!
    Quote Originally Posted by QueenOfGames
    ... Okay, I'm done .^_^.

    *runs away while waiting to hear 'Grumble Grumble Grumble'*
    Okay, I heard that...

    Princess Nine has earned the title as the most under-rated anime series in my personal collection. Sponsored by the NHK (Japanese Public Broadcasting) TV network (and not having to worry about corporate sponsership) Princess Nine is one of the best written anime series I have ever seen. I've lost sleep watching this series, the friend I loaned it to lost sleep watching this series, and his girlfriend lost sleep when he loaned the collection box to her...(The series is that good!!!) There are alot of 'cliche' plot complications in the series, but not the ones you would normally expect from a sports genre anime...

    Unfortunatly, as far as the ending goes, this is a 'cliche' ending for Sports Anime series. So common, that the 'Excel Saga' episode on highschool baseball spoofs the same kind of ending. Since 'Sports' genre anime series are so rarely exported, the ending may seem rushed and unfamilier to us, while to the targeted Japanese Audiance, this is the standard common ending...
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