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Thread: PSP driver problem?

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    PSP video

    I just bought a psp. i used a usb cord to hook it up to my computer.

    When I transfer a MP4 file on my psp, and then disconnect it, and hit "viedo" it says "there are no videos"

    In the main directory, i put a folder called "PSP" and a subfolder called "Video" and put the file in that. Is that how I'm supposed to do it?

    I did use that psp freeware thing that cybergig said about. I converted an .avi to a .mp4


    I got the video working!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! that'll teach you to defy me!!

    (I just found out that I got it to work without formating the new memory card!! Im such an idiot!!! GRAWWW!!!) -but how does it work without it being formatted

    But now I gotta know, i think cybergig told that the psp video 9 program cut the size in half or so, but it only cut out like 10% off the file size. This could be what resolution and output features I converted it too. What size cuts it down the most while keeping a good video quality?
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