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Thread: Public Downgrade

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    Public Downgrade

    Sory for this but LK you really need to cool down with the power-whore attitude. The public downgrade of the moderators is not a good thing to say. Basically in your own words there is no need for us in the gallery. Therefore we shouldnt even have access to the CP then....

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Katsuhito
    A mod? They will come to me about it seeing as I am an Administrator of this site along with Dan and CyberGig1 if you have a problem with Rips you can take it up with the admins
    And if that is how it should be then remove this section of the FAQ, and add Gig and Dan instead of a Moderator...

    Q: What should I do if I see a ripped wallpaper in the gallery?

    A: Report it to Lord Katsuhito or GallComp IMMEDIATELY

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    Re: Public Downgrade

    I know but Meh morons piss me off edit to your distression if you would like


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