This is another of my three fanfics. This will be no more than 6 episodes long. Opinions would be great.

Episode One: Death In The Arms Of The Void

“ I am nothing. Faithless and broken. I wish... I wish too much. Its obvious I’m better of dead. That sounds to cliche for me. I am noone. I affect nothing in this world. I own nobody’s love and don’t even own my own. I truely am... nothing.”
Jay Matthews looked down the barrel of a pistol. He didn’t know what calibur, and quite frankly, he didn’t care. He looked deep into the hole and wept. Without thinking twice he pulled the trigger and felt... nothingness. For the first time in his life, or rather death, he felt nothing at all.
Suddenly, random memories began filling his thoughts. His mothers face and memories of himself during childhood. The thoughts of depression also found their way into his final memories, consuming him to his eventual suicide. It seemed to him as though he was floating in some sort of void. Similar to Outer Space except void of even starlight and instead of being black it was a blinding shade of pure white. It was an antiseptic place null of anything other than himself. It was here where it all began.
A strange portal or something similar to a portal ripped in front of him and he is dragged into it by something resembling a scythe. He is pulled all the way through to see what appears to be a small city. There is a cloaked girl standing in front of him holding the scythe. He wonders if this is heaven. Then, a bright burst of light in the sky above rips through in a similar way. Only it looks like a comet and crashes into the middle of the city, causing a massive shockwave.Then he sees souls all flowing around him, all heading towards a large central building and passing straight through the walls. He starts to kick and scream and clawing at his face. Tears fill his eyes and madness seems to take him over.
“Calm yourself.” Said the girl.
“This isn’t real...this isn’t real...this isn’t real. I don’t want to die...” Jay mumbled.
“But it is,” she said, “and this is where we will determine your fate. Since you commited suicide things won’t go over so well.”
“I take it back! I don’t want to die! Send me back!”
“ Do you honestly think one can simply return to the living world? Take it back? You should have thought things out. As if there is no retribution for foolishness!” She scoffed at him.
After seeing his sorrowful reaction she quickly coaxed him with a greeting. “ I am Bethony, the Grim Reaper if you will. I take the newly dead souls to the Palace of Decisions where your fate is determined. And this,” she said pointing all around, “is Everland. The median between paradise and punishment; Wonderland and Neverland.”
Once again he collapsed to the ground and wept. It seemed as though he had made the worst possible mistake. It was certain in his mind that he would meet eternal damnation in whatever hell she was speaking of. She held out her hand and pulled him up off the ground.
“ Come with me,” she said while nearly dragging him, “ I have to get you to the Palace. Quickly, if you please.”
In a daze he followed her wearily. They walked up a series of large steps to the entrance of the palace. As they passed through to the inside, he saw a group of souls pass through a large gate in the far end of the palace. Bethony pointed jay to an altar in the center of the room.
“ This is the Decider,” she said, “ it tells the Palace where the Gates of Eternity will take you. Simply place your hand on it and walk through the gate. I wish the best for you, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up if I were you. Suicides really screw with the system around here.”
Failing to acknowledge her, he proceeded to touch the altar and walked to the gate. He closed his eyes and ran straight at it, willing to take whatever was destined for him. But as he ran to it, it would not allow him to enter.
“Why isn’t it... working?” he asked.
“I see. So you are one of the lucky ‘undecided souls’ who are to remain here in Everland. Probably something concerning the BLOOD project. Oh well, good for you. Follow me again if you please.”
Jay was strangely confused, but simultaneously relieved. He followed her without fear through the small city. Then they came upon a beautiful silver building that shone brightly.
“ This is the place,” Bethony said, “ go on inside and get aquainted with the other souls. This may be your home for the next eternity.”
“Thank you.” He gasped, with his eyes full of tears. He went to cross the threshold into the building until he fell to the ground without warning and sprouted wings. It didn’t cause pain but it was far from comfortable.
“What is this?!”
“ Oh!,” exclaimed Bethony,” I forgot that Undecided Souls are granted the luxury of wings. You might want to practice flying every now and then. Go on in now. I’ll swing by tomorrow to tell you the details. I have to file a report at the Palace. Have a good time.”
He walked into the building still sad, yet content and saw the souls that would be his room mates.