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I was curious if you all thought that this attention on punk rock mark's the final stages of the original ideas about this music? Will the spread of this music cause it's demise as well?

Sorry to drag this out but I'm not quite satisfied with the previous responses, but that's my fault for not stating my question better.
Nah it wont cause its demise.. every genre of music continually reguvanates itself despite of the individuals in it that occasionally sell out. The key is that the young Punk artists, just starting to grow up now, will look at the current trend and see who has sold out and who hasn't, and will then yell and scream about how the whole place has gone too mainstream, and then start producing music that is real and back to basics... of course, they will become popular because they are so different from the mainstream.. blow up, become mainstream, and then some new band will have to do the same to them..

very cyclicle.