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    Can we request wallpaper in here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seether
    Can we request wallpaper in here?
    Didn't you make the same question in the forum feedback section???? At least wait for someone to answer you there...

    But since you make this one already and I closed the other one... Yes I think you can request a wallpaper here, but you need to be specific on what you want (if possible provide a picture, what style and resolution you desire, and any text that will appear on the wallpaper).

    To be honest there is a chance that no one will make you the wallpaper that you request as there is no commitment or obligation from anyone at this site to fullfill those requests. Also you WILL ONLY REQUEST A WALLPAPER ONCE that's it, I dont want to see (and deal with) multiple requests of wallpapers from one member, or that you start posting on your same thread asking why none of the members took your request...


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