my heart races when im with you
my hert skips a bet when our eyes met
n every time i canthelp loving ou more

i can feel my pulse rce
as i hold you tightly in my rms
i can feel your soft skin
aganist my arms
i can feel your softhair
running through my finger tips
you look at me as i caress your arm
you feelmy heart race as we gase on
nd your scent fills my lungs
burning nd soaring like my love.

i squint my eyes as i look t you
burning the immage into my soul
your smile is like a sweet sunrise
n i cant help gasing into your eyes
n i feel my heart rce and skip a beat
n im flling in lover with you all the more

I love you like ive never loved anyone before
You are my only one
will give you all u could dream
just as you stay with me

i told you i gave you my heart
you told me i'll keep it warm
you told me yoou put it next to yours
n my spirt soared

i love you more than i could sy
to me you are the sun stars n sea
you re an angel from my arms
you are always on my mind
n i can never decide what to say, or what to do
i dont care as long as i can love you

No ones shown me what you have
you love me as i never have been
your somthing special, to me

i loose myself in your eyes
and im sure you see the love i have for you inside
i cant eat i cant slep
i can only dream of being with you

when im wiht you im sure ive died
cuz i sit holding n angel in my arms
feeling her warmpth, love, n charm
n my spirt soars when im withyou