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Thread: Ray of Hope

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    Ray of Hope

    Another one of my latest ones:

    in the deep recesses of my hear, i lay in shadow
    I lay inside, crying in my heart so hollow
    in this unclearvoyant water blue
    i hear words repeating i love you
    In my mind the world is grey
    but my hear does not give in, one light, one ray
    just as bright as the one i saw today
    It came to me during such an eerie day
    Shining, bringing hope
    As it shines from a hole the sky in a slope
    Falling towards my world so dark
    There i stand on the mark
    Absorbing all the light filling me with radiance
    Once again refreshed in a way and a sense
    With hope filling my heart again
    I try again to be more than just your average friend
    When the time is right
    Like when fruits are ripe
    Ill be prepared, i'll be ready
    until then, full of hope, ill keep life steady

    By:Christopher Nguyen (Boo45)
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