Through the night, I see a light
Shining from the window shade.
I’ll build a place, where I am safe
Where I’m not alone, where I have someone to hold.

In your eyes, I see a ray of light,
Shine through the darkness
Leading me to hope
Leading me to your side
Leading me to your heart

Did you ever really care?
I ask in the middle of the night
I look at you, by my side,
And I see the pain I inflict in your mind
And the fear I feel inside

I looked into your eyes, and I saw a ray of light
I thought you where, haven sent
But all I saw, was what you see in me

A tear slides down your face,
And I softly kiss it away.
Knowing the reason you cry is me

I made up my mind.
You deserve more than I could ever be,
So I’m walking away.
Knowing you’ll find someone be
Knowing I wont make you cry
Knowing I lived a lie,
About you loving me

I slowly rise, tears standing in my eyes
I lay a rose at your side,
Where I spent the night, where I leave my heart
My tears drop, onto the rose,
Forming dew drops, from my heart
From my soul, for the core of my life for you.

Last night, I looked into your eyes,
And I saw the light fade
I saw the pain inside, I saw my reflection
I saw how you felt for me

I don’t deserve your love,
So I’m leaving, so I don’t end up hurting you
More than I can stand.
I leave this note under the breakfast I made for u,
Knowing how it will hurt you.

I leave my key, by the bedside.
I stand and look at you, leaving cuz I love you,
And I whisper goodbye, as I close the door
One last time.

I stand outside, as the thunder cracks,
And the rain starts to fall.
Like the tears we’ve both cried.

It’s a sign from god.
Telling me not to leave.
I’m having second thoughts,
About walking away from the greatest thing,
From you.

I climb the fire escape, onto the roof,
Sitting and thinking of you.
The rain falls, and in the distance the sun rises,
Bright, beautiful, and golden, just like you

I sit there for an hour.
The water dripping from my hair.
I know I shouldn’t have left,
And I wonder if you’ll take me back

I climb down.
And stand at your window.
I look in and see you.
You’re still sleeping the way I left you

The sky turns slowly blue,
And I’m outside watching you.
Yu start to stir,
And I watch your every move.

You open your eyes,
As the sun starts to shine.
You look at me and smile,
And let me inside.

I wrap my arms around you,
And I kiss you.
Deep and pure, with a all my heart and yours.

We sit down and I tell you, everything I’ve written down
And how close I was to leaving,
And how I couldn’t.

You eat slowly, and never taking your eyes from mine,
I feel something coming,
And as I finish my voice falters and dies.
Under the look in your eyes.

You stand and walk around the table,
Staring at me.
What ever is coming I deserve,
You raise your arm,
And I brace for the hit that never falls.

You look at me and say:
“I will always love you
… You great goof!”
You smile and in it I see another sunrise.

You sit beside me and I apologize,
For almost leaving,
And for doubting that you love me.
We talk for hours.
The phone rings but no one answers.

The sky turns seaweed green.,
As the light fades.
And as your smile brightens.

I slowly work up the nerve,
The nerve to kiss you again.
I look into your eyes,
As the stars come out to shine,
In the clear cool night.

I cant take my eyes from yours.
I lean in close,
And I softly kiss your lips.
And you kiss me back just as tenderly.

I slide my arms around you.
(Can you feel my heart race?)
I lean in close,
And kiss you again.
And I flick my toung to touch your soft lips.

You look at me,
And I see a ray of light in your eyes,
Shining brighter than the sun.
As I turn off the light.
To have the greatest night in my life.

The light goes out, the streetlight comes on,
I still have you in my arms, and it starts to get warm.
We’re still on the couch,
Holding hands and making out

I tell you how much I love you,
Without saying a single word.
I couldn’t express myself with words.
I wouldn’t know how to describe,
How you are my life.

Its quarter to ten,
And we haven’t moved,
Since we started making out.

In the hall,
Footsteps come and go.
Until there’s on we know.
Keys rattle and enter the lock,
And your roommate,
Enters the darkened room.

She thinks we’re out,
And turns on the light,
And sees us making out,
As we slowly stop.
Because we where caught.

I have to go but it’s hard for me to leave.
You smile and grab your coat,
Knowing why I hesitate.

We walk out the door,
Hand in hand,
Squeezing thigh,
As we walk off into the night.