Here is just a remake of a song i wrote for my Music Technology A-level: it's not much but what do you think?


I have many friends,
Not many of them chat.
I thought they liked me,
But know I don’t know what happened.

So many things I want to do,
But can’t because something is stopping me.
Where ever I go I feel alone,
People are all around me.

Tension, and fear are all that cloud me mind.
I get past this invisible wall.
Things I see but unable to feel.
I don’t get it, why me? what did I do?

The days go by and no-one has spoken to me.
There are friends around me but still they don’t speak.
There is something in the air,
That I can feel but they don’t.

It’s cold where ever I go.
Something is not right.
Why won’t people speak me.
Why can’t they hear my words.

Why, why, why?
Do they notice I am here,
maybe I have done somet wrong?
I can’t think of it.

I can’t get a picture out my head.
Of being happy then feel nothing.
All feeling left, leaving me here.
But I don’t where is.

No-one to hear, or maybe see.
Every has forgotten me.
No-one can see but I can see them.
I don’t understand, am I dead???